Friday, January 7, 2011

New Years Resolution- Chronicle these Blessed Days of Life

A New Year calls for some new changes!!  It's no secret that I fall far from a Type A personality!  I don't have a day planner, weekly planner or calendar of any kind.  I kinda keep it all stored in my head, which works well for me... most of the time.  I also have a terrible habit of just buying new camera cards when they fill up insead of uploading pictures to my computer and actually printing them and enjoying them.  So,  this will be my attempt at chronicling (I know I spelled that wrong) the Blake family adventures.  The last few years (especially 2010) have been a time of growth and change for all of the Blakes as God has been melding our hearts and truly changing us from the inside out.  The journey is really just beginning.  My goal is just to have a place where we can look back and see the daily experiences that shape who each of us become and for our kids to really see how much they are loved and cherished! 
We had a family discussion during dinner at Hideaway on New Year's Eve.  When asked what we could do as a family in the coming year, these were the responses-
Drew- get closer to God, Bella-give more, Carmen- try new things, Randy-spend more time together and Stretch :), me- live in the moment, and pray for His will, not ours
I'm pretty sure God has some amazing things up his sleeve for us for 2011!  Now to end my very first blog post is a quote that I want to remember each day of my life with all of my heart:
“God is looking for people through whom He can do the impossible.
What a pity when we plan only the things we can do by ourselves.” -A.W. Tozer