Tuesday, January 24, 2012


Well, somehow months 4 and 5 managed to slip by the way that time often does.  These last few months have been great for our family.  Randy had an amazing trip to Ethiopia, we had nice time to slow down over Christmas break and just be together celebrating the birth of our Savior, but now the crazy cycle is back in full swing!  With all of the kid's sports picking back up, new wonderful church activities and classes, a mission trip to Mexico coming up, and the usual day-to-day my hands and heart are full!  Here's to hoping that the next 2 months of waiting will slip by just as quickly as the last!
Christmas 2011

Randy in Ethiopia 2011

My baby turns 11!!


  1. Hi Jenn. Thank you so much for your comment. I am a blog stalker as well, especially the FBI list. I really love to read other families’ perspective on the current slowdowns and see pictures of Ethiopian children that are already with their families. I know both of our baby boys are on their way and it is so hard at times not knowing when to expect them but they ARE coming. My husband and I are trying our hardest to forget about the process to save our sanity. This way when we get closer to the average wait time we can use it all up!
    I love your family picture :).

  2. Jenn, it is bittersweet to see a picture of the whole family. Everyone has grown so much!! We all still really miss Carmen even though life here is what we desire and where we want to be. I wish those two could see each other or just relive a day in Stillwater with Carmen coming home with Gwynie. Miss you guys!