Tuesday, August 9, 2011


We are officially on the WAITLIST as of today...August 9, 2011.  So excited I can hardly stand it! Our Dossier is on it's way to D.C. for Authentication and then will be headed straight to Ethiopia.  I know that God will grant me the patience and endurance to run this long race, but man do I want my little boy in my arms.  I keep finding myself zoning out of what I should be doing in order to continually calculate if or when he was/is conceived based on our age preference.  Praying that the Lord will give me peace beyond my own understanding as we begin this long wait.  It's easy to trust in God's timing in all of this right now, but I imagine I will be wavering on that in a year from now.  Holding tight to the fact that I want what He wants for our family, not what I want for myself....a lesson I need in so many areas of my life if I really dig deep.  Can't wait for this incredible season of spiritual growth for Randy and I, as we are being molded more and more each day!

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  1. Hi! I found your blog on Gladney's website :). We were placed on the wait list on the 11th and we are also requesting a little boy. I would love to follow your blog. Congratulations on being on THE list.