Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Recap: Dossier/ Soccer Weekend

Since I managed to fail so miserably at posting everyday for one solid month, wanted to play catch up on a few quick things.  First, the day we subitted our completed Dossier was a FANTASTIC day.  First, Bell and I went to the Capitol building together to have everything authenticated and do some shopping together, which was followed by two days of copying, scanning, and burning documents.  On August 5, we mailed it in after praying over it and I think my heart was beating pretty fast that weekend waiting to make sure it made it to Gladney safe and soundly. 

As soon as we left the Post Office, we were off for the weekend to Bentonville, AR for Bella's Regional soccer tournament.  The girls ended up getting third place and qualifying for World's!  It was so HOT, but I could watch them play ALL DAY LONG!  So fun!!  We all had a great time .....
Love seeing these girls pray before each game...thanks Coach!

Four little monkeys in one hotel bed!

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