Thursday, September 8, 2011

Julia's First Day!

 Julia had her very first day of Preschool in Miss Bonny and Joy's 2 year old classroom on Tuesday!  She was so excited to finally get to go to her own school and have her own cubby to keep her coveted Princess backpack.  She ran right in and started playing giving me the "mom, go on and leave now...I got this" look.  As I looked around at the other parents both in her class and in other classes, I suddenly realized I was the "grandma-mom"! No longer the fresh-faced 26 year old that I was when I brought Bella to this very same room nearly 9 years ago, I just couldn't get over how YOUNG all the parents looked.  Most of them were also either pregnant or were carrying newborn babies in slings around their necks and I suddenly felt ancient! :)  I hopped in the car (alone for nearly the first time in 10 years), cranked up the radio, rolled the windows down, and just drove.  If felt so great to just "be" for that quiet morning, but by the 11:30 pickup time, I was so ready to see my J.  She LOVED it and had stories to tell all day long!
                                                           It happens in a BLINK!!!!

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  1. Jenn, you look like all those other moms, if not younger I'm sure! No worries there! I am glad you had two moments of freedom to just "be".